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The Trapzilla TZ525 super capacity grease interceptor collects free-floating grease and oils contained in kitchen drain water flows. Commercial kitchens need grease interceptors to remove grease from their wastewater streams. Without them, grease can build up in plumbing and sewers. That jeopardizes normal kitchen operations, creates health and safety problems, and can lead to costly fines. Trapzilla is designed to efficiently handle the separation of fats, oils and grease without taking up as much space as a traditional concrete interceptor. Its compact design allows it to fit into locations that larger interceptors cannot while still protecting sewers.


  •  Designed for outdoor, below ground and indoor, above-ground installations
  • Constructed of durable, rotationally moulded polyethylene
  •  Support stand assembly for floor installation available*
  •  Uses a standard adapter ring with 559mm diameter

*support stand required for indoor installations.Product code 0022254