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Septic Aid™ The natural approach to septic system maintenance.


Septic Aid™ releases millions of beneficial bacteria into your septic system. These bacteria enhance the natural populations and replace those bacteria lost to antimicrobial hand soaps and chemicals dispensed from the home

When to use Septic Aid? Septic Aid should be used between tank cleaning to eliminate back-ups, clogs and septic system failures.


  • Replenishes necessary bacteria lost to bleach and other chemicals in the septic tank 
  • Digests grease and other organics that commonly cause aseptic tank to fail 
  • Contains powerful odor counteractant 
  • Helps restore and maintain drain fields 
  • Safe on all plumbing
  • Reduces septic tank odors
  • Environmentally Friendly


Medical grade performance Fully tested and certified in UK and US. *Reports available on request from 


As a homeowner, you can enjoy the following benefits from just £17 a month with our Gold, Silver or Bronze service plans:
Our expert local team are on hand to discuss a tailored service plan for your needs» Call us today on 028 38364597 (ROI 048 38364597) or email


Our team of professional engineers and advisors are on hand 24/7 to ensure your business water and energy systems run as efficiently as possible. We offer nationwide coverage, ensuring quick response and round the clock consultancy – the perfect partnership.

Trust the experts to help protect your business with our tailored maintenance plans:

Our cost effective commercial service plans include:

  • 24 hour breakdown repair
  • Tailored business maintenance plans
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Desludging and emptying
  • Grease management
  • Genuine parts and spares
  • Consultancy and advice
  • Asset monitoring
Contact our expert service team today to discuss your business servicing needs» Call us today on 028 3025 4077 (ROI 048 3025 4077) or email

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